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LED Fire Rated Down Light > FL-FP-AN-02-8W



1. With special appearance design, unique & fashionable

2. IP65, can be used both for indoor and outdoor lighting

3. Bezels and the lamps can be sold seperately

4. With TUV 30, 60, 90mins test report

5. Clip in fixture, easy for installation

6. Housing colors can be white, black, aluminum



Name Document size Time Download
Forlight Fire Rated LED Down Light Tech Brochure 684KB 2015-10-15
Forlight Fire Rated BS476-21 Tuv lab test report 6236KB 2015-10-15
Forlight Fire Rated LED Down Light EN62471 test report 219KB 2015-10-15
Forlight LED Fireproof light EMF test report 75KB 2015-10-15
Forlight Fire Rated Down Light IP65 Test Report 743KB 2015-10-15
Fire Rated Down Light IES -4000K 234KB 2015-10-15
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